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Community & Training Centre

A unique community-based working and training environment, Ngulla is an innovative horticultural-based social enterprise to generate employment and work place training opportunities for local youth, job seekers and the community.

Ngulla training is focused on experiential learning with written material encompassing just 25% of core learning. This approach was adopted to eliminate issues of numeracy and literacy shortfalls within the student body.

In this financial year both accredited and non accredited training programs have been delivered including hosting work for the dole in maintenance and repair, outdoor recreation, environment, community vegetable garden and plant propagation as well as Green army Projects incorporating Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management

Two social enterprises are ongoing at Ngulla:

Ngulla continues to produces “Seed Bombz”, small balls of seeds encased in Western Australian clay and peat. The bombs can be thrown in a corner of the garden to grow native shrubs. Seed bomb packages are placed in the reception areas of local businesses for people to pay a donation and take one.

The worm farm continues to process the food waste from Bridging the Gap offices. By reducing the amount of green waste going to landfill, we can reduce the amount of methane (a significant greenhouse gas) produced in landfills and at the same time produce high value fertiliser and soil booster.

Projects at Ngulla

  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Green Army
  • Community Garden