Client and Program Participant Success Stories



When Chloe (name changed) started her training she was quiet and withdrawn, unsure if aged care or disability work would be right for her.

Chloe told us she was ‘made to attend’. It wasn’t long though before Chloe formed friendships within the group, and really began to trust our staff.

It was then that Chloe felt safe to share her mental health issues, low self-esteem, and history of drug addiction and rehabilitation.

Knowing this we were able to put in place support for Chloe.  including additional mentoring and coaching time with her coach.

With our support and Chloe’s hard work and commitment she completed the 7-week training and was soon offered work as a support worker.

We invited Chloe to speak to the next group of participants and share her story. She told them what it was like to finish the course and start working. Chloe said she is so grateful that she attended the course as it changed her life.

BTG’s PaTH Industry Pilots 2020-2021 “Launch Your Career in Aged Care and Disability Support”

BTG supported me when I had a few medical issues and provided a listening ear when I lost my grandfather. Instead of telling me I couldn’t do something they took the time to research courses to find the course that suited me and my lifestyle best.

I truly thank them for believing in me and helping me to further my education.

Career Readiness for Young Parents Program 2020

Sandra (name changed) took part in our Employability Skills Training Program. She had recently finished school and was mandated to attend EST. During classes we talked about what she would like to do for work and she was unsure. After further discussion she started swaying towards admin or retail.

We reached out to one of our employer partners to take Sandra on as an Intern, with the hope of ongoing work.

Sandra took part in a three month internship. After that she was offered a casual position filling in for staff sick days and holidays.

 Sandra is now a permanent employee with the organisation with ongoing hours.

Employability Skills Training 2021

When Kelly (name changed), a young Indigenous woman with three young children, was referred to us, she told us she did not want any help, and did not see the point in getting a job.

As we got to know Kelly we found out that she had grown up in a house with intergenerational unemployment. As a result, she had not seen any of the positive things that came from working.

We also took the time to understand the role of culture in Kelly’s life and worked in a way that complemented this. 

Kelly’s confidence grew more with every activity we arranged for her, and every achievement she made – completing Employability Skills Training, getting her Driver’s License, and undertaking Career Development Training.

We helped Kelly with interview and work clothing, and supported her through the recruitment process for a job with a government agency. 

Kelly is still working there months later and is enjoying the positive impact that having a job means for her young family.

Parents Next 2021