Who we are

Your partner in the delivery of community based, effective, and innovative employment and training services 

Our Values

Our Mission

Our Vision

Caring : for clients, employees and communities.

Innovation : welcoming, anticipating and responding creatively to change.

Teamwork : working cooperatively with our clients, employers, partners and communities for the mutual benefit of all.

Challenge : to challenge our clients, our communities and ourselves to be the best we can be.

Empowerment : recognising that our strength comes from developing strength in others.


To bridge the gap and build communities by empowering people who are disadvantaged and disenfranchised to build their self sufficiency through social inclusion, practical training, and enhanced employment opportunities.

Empowering People, Building Communities

Why choose Bridging the Gap?

We are a top rated performer

Over the past 37 years we have consistently produced award winning services in both our government contracts and our community engagement programs.

We have a trusted and personalised service

Our engagement in our local community has enabled us to adapt our award winning programs and services to suit the changes in our environment. We focus our work on each person's unique situation and needs - crafting an individualised plan.

We have the networks and capabilities to meet your needs

Through partnerships and relationships built over 37 years we have strengthened our resources to ensure we can meet the demands of an ever changing world. We understand that we can't be all things to all people, but we can be a "community connector" who connects our clients to other services they need through trusted partnerships.


2022 Update


BTG Chair Les Haywood smiling at the camera.

Les Hayward

We are evolving to better reflect our community and our future.

For nearly 40 years we’ve been making a positive impact in our local community. And as we look forward to the next 40 years, we want to truly represent the diverse range of programs we provide and the people we help. We want our brand to reflect all that we offer.

While our look has changed, our services will continue to support you in creating the life you want for you, and your family.

From training, getting work-ready, to career guidance, finding work and career development, BTG is still your local provider of choice.

For nearly 40 years we’ve been providing training, employment and services to the Perth and Peel communities. Our team of specialist case managers, allied health professional and training specialists will continue to work with you and understand your personal needs.