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Sam's story

Sam*, a young mum, had endured many years of a violent relationship. When she found the courage and strength to take her 2 young daughters and step-daughter and leave, she found herself alone and struggling financially to support her young family.

Her stepdaughter chose to live with her, not her own father (as she was scared of him) or her mother (due to her drug addiction). Wanting to keep her family together, she took on fighting for custody of her step-daughter.

Sam came to us overwhelmed and desperate to find work to fund her custody battle and to support herself and her young family.
Our PLAN Mentor supported Sam through our BTG Group Training Disability Support, Medication Assistance and Manual Handling training, NDIS worker screening check, and fuel so she could drive to work.
Sam attended two interviews and was offered both jobs. Only one month after starting with the PLAN project, Sam started work.
It is the lived experience of our mentors that makes young parents fleeing domestic violence situations feel seen and heard, and starts to rebuild them and their confidence. Sam is now thriving in her now job and rebuilding her life. And even now dreams of building her own home for her family.
Without the PLAN project, Sam might not have found the support she needed to find work, and rebuild her life, away from her abusive ex.

We all know life is challenging at the moment, but the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our communities are only just holding on, and desperately need your help.

Any amount you can give will make an impact and be so gratefully received. Thank You!

*Names have been changed, and stock imagery used to protect the identities of our participants.