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Our Work for the Dole participants out at our Casuarina site have recently finished the Bus Conversion project.

The Bus Conversion project was designed to refit and refurbish an old unusable bus into functioning accommodation, similar to that of a caravan.  It involved work being done from the chassis through to rebuilding the body and interior.  The bus was totally reconstructed from either new or recycled materials and renovated.

A range of tasks enabled participants to gain a variety of new skills that could be directly transferable into the workplace.  In addition to many of the 10 Core Skills for Work, there was specific on the job practical skill development in areas such as:  occupational health and safety, design, planning and preparation for fit-out work, use of a number of different power tools and equipment, use of adhesives, cutters, welding, plumbing, electrics, construction, installation, spray painting and other types of body work and repairs.

Along with the bedding and furniture, the bus will also be fitted with some appliances and everyday needs.

The bus will be made available to assist community organisations who are in need of crisis accommodation for either a single parent or single person.

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