Giving you the confidence to go back to work

Preparing parents for employment

Have you had a long break from paid work while you’ve been raising young children?

Do you feel like you’ve lost work-specific skills and the confidence to go back to work?

You’re not alone!

At Bridging the Gap, we will provide safe environments for you to learn to build your capacity to navigate the complexities of parenting, coping with changes, and making your way successfully in today’s work and economic environment.

Our ParentsNext program will:

  • provide early intervention assistance
  • help you identify your education and employment goals
  • refer you to local activities and service providers who will help you achieve your goals
  • help you as a parent to gain confidence and feel empowered
  • assist you to gain new skills to engage paid work.

As an Intensive Stream Provider, we will support you with:

  • specific mentoring and more intensive support
  • work-related and non-vocational assistance
  • training
  • post-placement (education or employment)
  • wage subsidies and relocation assistance to take up a job
  • extensive referrals to complementary and supportive services.


To be eligible for referral to the Intensive Stream, you will need to live in an Intensive Stream location and:

  • have been continuously receiving Parenting Payment for at least six months
  • have no reported earnings from employment in this six month period.


And one of the following:

  • an Early School Leaver with a youngest child at least six months of age
  • assessed as being highly disadvantaged with a youngest child at least six months of age
  • Have a youngest child at least five years of age.



Parents will be eligible to participate as a volunteer if they are in receipt of Parenting Payment, have a child under 6 years and live in an Intensive Stream location.

Give us a call today to have a chat about how we can help you confidently get back to work.

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